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Expand Your BusinessHorizons with Us

Facilitate Global Networking

Provide Strategic Advisory Services

Promote Investment Opportunities

The Center for Global Business and Investment Promotion, an initiative of the IYES Foundation, aspires to act as a catalyst in promoting international economic collaboration and fostering investment opportunities. This center is dedicated to facilitating cross-border partnerships and delivering comprehensive support to businesses aiming to expand their global presence.


Our Experts Are the Finest

The experts at the Centre for Global Business and Investment Promotion are committed to leveraging their collective expertise to support businesses in navigating the complexities of the global business landscape, fostering success, and contributing to sustainable economic development.

We make International Business Strategy:

  • Deep understanding of international markets to formulate effective market entry and expansion strategies.

  • Expertise in navigating diverse regulatory environments and cultural landscapes.

We have the the best investment Advisory:

  • In-depth knowledge of global investment opportunities across various industries and regions.

  • Experience in evaluating and promoting investment projects that align with international business goals.


Our Experts help in Government and Industry Relations:

  • Experience in building and maintaining collaborative relationships with government agencies, industry associations, and academic institutions.

  • Alignment of initiatives with national economic development strategies.


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